The rich westhoek

The hop country, gastronomy, nature and history.

The green border region between the North Sea and France is likely to enchant anyone who likes a leisurely holiday. Each village has its own story and delicacy. You traverse the infinite landscape by bike or on foot until a bit of folk music attracts your attention, inviting you to have a taste of the culture at the “Schreve” (border).

Charming towns and snug villages full of life and other art: the Westhoek brims with poetry.

The Westhoek has clearly retained its “local colour.” Don’t forget to degust the numberless artisanally-brewed beers and original regional dishes.

The Westhoek is a marvellous region with grand landscapes still bearing traces of the First World War. The Westhoek is reliving what once was at local museums, but also at the many events that the region boasts. And with “the border” right by, our fantasy is teased even more.


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