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To book the spa, please send us a mail info@hotelrecour.be.

These are the available time blocks:

6.30 – 8.30
8.45 – 10.45
11.00 – 13.00
13.15 – 15.15
15.30 – 17.30
17.45 – 19.45
20.00 – 22.00 (closed in November, December, January and February)

80€ for 2 persons for 2 hours

Availability december 2019

Availability januari 2020

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“Wellness Recour” is no place to relax for only just a moment. “Wellness Recour” is a retreat that possesses all the good qualities of paradise: nice and warm, drinks in profusion, oceans of time, lots of space, and all equipment available to give your body an unforgettable treat. Your company is the only thing you have to decide on by yourself. After you eventually came down to earth again, returning through the passageway to Hotel Recour as another man, you can bask in the afterglow in restaurant Pegasus and/or in the hotel later in the night.

Heaven on Earth exists; you only have to make time for it. The rest is done by the Recour team. A wholehearted welcome!

The Paardenmarkt (Horse Market Square) is the ideal place to leave all horse power behind to embark on your journey to paradise on foot. From the stately hotel via an outdoor foot bridge with a unique view on the centre of town and a flight of stairs, you finally reach Walhalla.

Surrounded by the towers of the neo-gothic town hall and gothic churches, there is no place better suited to seclude yourself mentally and physically from the outside world and surrender to divine pleasure…

There’s no doubt about it: heaven must consist of wood, glass and water, much water. “Wellness Recour” lets you step into a secure wooden shell, where you gaze in wonder at the open sky, at the same time scrutinising the accommodations behind the glass wall. There, you discover the relaxation room: an atmospheric, spacious room containing four luxurious relax chairs, design tables and a refrigerator full of beverages. You can tune the colour and density of the LED illumination to your liking.

Adjacent to the relaxation room, the sauna (maximum capacity of 6 people) is there to make you feel reborn. The standard temperature of this sauna is 80°C, but should you seek even higher or warmer spheres, you can easily crank up the temperature till 110°C. Wellness Recour has also three different sauna aromas to offer: eucalyptus, passionflower and orchid.

Located in the centre is the shower room, though this word may sound disrespectful towards this mix of a classical shower, an authentic water butt and a sensation shower. Use the three simple push buttons to let the programme do its job, and you will successively experience a hot and a cold shower, as if you are in the jungle, inclusive of the monsoon rains, mist, storm, and accompanying jungle and bird sounds. A must do!

Also very original is the vibrosaun. It looks like a sunbed, but is in fact a perfect combination of a sauna and a vibrating bed. In the capsule, convenient buttons let you adjust the temperature, as well as the music volume, the vibration speed of your body and/or feet, and the duration of your health therapy.

It’s a very special experience that will also please people who are somewhat saunaphobic. One treatment, aromatherapy included, takes about fifteen minutes, though you wouldn’t be the first one to do the programme all over once more after finishing the jacuzzi session.

And then there is the jacuzzi itself of course, which is designed for two to six people. Only four more steps to go to free yourself from earthly bonds. Now it is time to soak in heavenly bubbling hot water. Privacy is guaranteed, so don’t resist standing up and peeping over the wooden wall. The view on the town centre and the three churches of Poperinge is breathtaking and very surprising. Though the city noise is hardly audible, you literally are in the centre of town.

Wellness Recour, exclusively for you!

Wellness Recour

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